Track Shoes + Other Gear

Running shoes are critical for training and injury prevention!

We recommend going to a store that specializes in selling running shoes rather than a large department store. Typically, these stores have a knowledgeable staff that can anyone find the right shoe for them. Remember, running shoes should be bought for the best fit and purpose not for fashion! The best way to prolong the life of your shoe is to wear it for RUNNING ONLY (not to the mall or gym class).  Most shoes will only last approximately one running season or about 500 miles.  There are specific shoes for different events.  be sure to ask what is best for your events (ie thrower shoes, short sprints vs long distance).

Recommended Shoe Stores
*Most stores offer discounts for high school athletes, make sure to tell them you run for RHS!  Many will discount your family too:)

TC Running Company

12862 Bass Lake Road, Maple Grove MN

(763) 746 – 0378

Mill City Running

411 East Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis MN

(612) 378 – 6001

Endurunce Shop

117 5th Ave S, St. Cloud MN

(320) 252 – 5262

Running Room

11639 Fountains Dr., Maple Grove MN

(763) 425 – 0610

Other Gear

Along with running shoes, athletes will need the proper layers.  We run outside in rain or shine.  If it is lightning we will practice indoors.  Some things that you should always have with you are listed below:

  • Running clothes and socks
    • Cool layers: a pair of shorts, t-shirt and/or tank top, sunglasses, baseball style hat
    • Medium layers: long sleeve shirt, capris or pants
    • Warm layers: sweatshirt, pants, windbreaker, hat and gloves
  • Snacks and a water bottle – stay hydrated every day! Eating a snack within 30 minutes of a workout/race can help shorten the recovery time allowing athletes to train harder and run faster.
  • Plan a protein snack within 30 minutes after practices to maximize muscle repair.  PBJ and some milk is an easy option.
  • On meet days remember to bring your racing spikes!  If you need to change your spike length or put in replacements, plan ahead.