Royals News · Why We Play! #5

The Minnesota State High School League Why We Play initiative was put in place to promote Education Based Activities in Minnesota. As part of a larger conversation with coaches and AD’s we went a step farther and challenged our sports leaders (captains) to develop a purpose statement on Why We Play the sports we do. We will highlight a few Rogers High School’s leaders and their purpose statements throughout the school year.

More Information on Why We Play can be found here:

Today’s students are: Ella F, Ethan A and Ben J.

Ella F participates in Soccer. Her Why is:

“The reason I play is to develop healthy relationships. Finding the balance in school and sports is not easy, but the freedom of getting on the field and being a part of a family is something much more.”

Ethan A is active in Cross Country, Nordic Ski, Track & Field and Jazz Band. His Why is:

“I play sports to have a commitment in my life. This commitment in turn gives me multiple friendships and allows me to express my creativity to others.”

Ben J is active in Football, Hockey, Track & Field, DECA and Student Council. His Why is:

“My purpose of playing sports is to develop lifelong relationships and memories. The knowledge gained while participating in athletics goes further than what you learn in the classroom. You learn skills such as teamwork, perseverance, responsibility, honesty, integrity and much more.”