Royals News · Why We Play! #4

The Minnesota State High School League Why We Play initiative was put in place to promote Education Based Activities in Minnesota. As part of a larger conversation with coaches and AD’s we went a step farther and challenged our sports leaders (captains) to develop a purpose statement on Why We Play the sports we do. We will highlight a few Rogers High School’s leaders and their purpose statements throughout the school year.

More Information on Why We Play can be found here:

Today’s students are: Sam S, Sam C and Izzy Q.

Sam S is active in Tennis, DECA and National Arts Honor Society. Her Why is:

“My purpose for playing high school sports is to learn and grow as a person with my team, through kindness and commitment. It is also sport that brings me happiness.”

Sam C participates in Soccer. His Why is:

“The reason I play is because I enjoy it. It makes me feel good and I like competing. I also have made good friends through soccer and made some really good memories.”

Izzy Q participates in Soccer. Her Why is:

“When I play I am responsible for my teammates and what happens with our team. I’ve learned to persevere and be loyal for my team.”