Royals News · Why We Play! #1

The Minnesota State High School League Why We Play initiative was put in place to promote the educational purpose of sports in Minnesota. As part of a larger conversation with coaches and AD’s we went a step farther and challenged our Sports Leaders to develop a purpose statement on Why they Play the sports they do. We will highlight a few Rogers High School’s leaders and their purpose statements throughout the school year.

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Today’s students are: Nicole V. and Sara P.

Nicole participates in Cross Country and National Art Honor Society. Her Why is:

“My playing purpose is to help student athletes excel in their sport while respecting others and putting in the commitment with life long peers that turn into family.”

Sara participates in Cross Country, Hockey and Lacrosse. Her Why is:

“I play to show loyalty to my teammates and build a relationship with them that will create lasting memories. Also to instill an image or remembrance of determination and responsibility my teammates will take with them to use in later years.”