Coed Varsity/JV Cross Country · Banquet Details

Cross Country 2018 banquet will be on November 12th from 6:00-7:30pm in the Rogers High School commons.  This is for all student athletes and their families!  The end time is approximate. This is a nice event – dress up but don’t stress!  It is a potluck.  To ensure that people have enough to eat, please bring enough of your item for 10+ servings.  If your dish requires a serving spoon to dish it up, please bring that as well!

All seniors and 9th grade girls bring a dessert

All juniors bring a main dish

All sophomores bring fruit or salad

9th grade boys and middle school girls bring beverages (if your beverage requires cups, please provide that as well)

8th grade boys – spoons and napkins

7th grade boys – forks and napkins

Current captains please arrive at 5:30pm to help set up.